Turbine Lube Oil Flushing

We specialize in all kinds of flushing & filtration services. Our highly experienced team provides the services on time and to the highest level.

Hydraulic Oil Flushing

Benchmark can flush & filter hydraulic systems of any description.

Flushing jumper installed at liquid fuel line of a combustion can on a GE 7ea gas turbine

Fuel Oil Flushing

We specialize in GE 7FA & 7EA liquid fuel system flushing.

EHC System Flushing

Benchmark can flush & filter ElectroHydraulic Control (EHC) systems of any size.

Varnish on a stop valve actuator

Varnish Removal

Utilizing both electrostatic precipitators and cellulose adsorption, we can quickly remove all varnish from your oil systems

Water Removal from Oil

Our purpose built coalescer separators will quickly remove all moisture from your oil. 

Compressor Oil Systems

Benchmark specializes in high velocity hot oil flushing of compressor oil systems by Manufacturers such as Cooper Bessemer, Clark, Ingersoll-Rand, etc.

Gas Turbines

Benchmark has 30 years of experience flushing gas turbine lube, fuel, & hydraulic oil systems by OEMs like Solar, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, GE, & Siemens.

Oil Filtration Services

We can filter any volume and any type of lube, hydraulic, and fuel oils.